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The prefect temporary and semi-permanent solution to help you minimize down time.


Almawsim is a pioneer of establishing temporary airport structures and aircraft hangars. For over two decades, the company has fulfilled many projects to host aircraft and build temporary camps to refuel and repair them


The oil and gas industry across the globe requires temporary structures for multiple uses. Almawsim clearspan tents are modular and suitable for the storage of tanks and heavy machineries used in and around crude mines.


A temporary warehouse close to the site of construction or operation is remedial for multiple reasons. It saves time, cost and energy to travel between the two locations back and forth.


Semi-permanent structures are widely used as army shelters, military base camps, barracks, warehousing for weaponry, disaster recovery, make-shift amenities for food, water, health, and more!


We offer tents and marquees in varying sizes, shapes, and layouts. It can be modified to be suitable to host sporting and gaming events, outdoor or indoor


Almawsim Tents is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tents for events, exhibitions, and entertainment market sectors across the Middle East


Field hospitals, permanent hospitals and medical buildings, turnkey medical solutions, medical technology and other healthcare providers