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Arch-type car parking shade

Arch-type car parking shade is the most stunning shade structure for automobiles with a canopy that you’ve ever seen. The arch design used in the car parking shade structures is a modern interpretation of the classic design. No matter what architectural structures or structures are in the vicinity the arch design is sure to work effectively. Tension awnings for parking cars for commercial and residential structures can be used to park cars right in front of businesses or homes.


This shade prevents fading of the dashboard of car, protects electronics in the car, reduces heat buildup in the car, increases property value, increases the image of your corporation, eliminates cracking of widescreen, the gloss and shine of your car lasts. Arch-type car parking shades provide shade over areas that require unobstructed spaces such as walkways, bus stops, automotive parking and more. Almawsim Tents Industries LLC is leading supplier and installer of quality and cost-effective top support arch-type car parking shades whether single side or double side required.

Arch-type car parking shades structures advantages: